Custom Lagoona Blue Monster High Doll

I don’t collect Monster High dolls, but I recognize how perfect they are for customizing. The face molds are very angular and defined, and I can see the beauty of using these girls as canvases.

One of my favorite characters from the series is Lagoona Blue, a sea monster from the Great Scarrier Reef. Cute, I know.  My good friend Matt gifted me with this lovely custom girl, and I am always in awe of his work. I adore that he softened the doll’s look, and check out those little rhinestones!!!

FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (8) FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (10)

If you are looking for custom faceup work on Pullips or Monster High dolls, I highly recommend Matt! You can reach him via his tumblr at

Pullip Suiseiseki 2015 by Groove

I had never heard of Rozen Maiden before I met Pullip, but she was kind enough to give me an introduction to these lovely ladies.  Manga can be very deceiving – you’d think a story about 7 dolls looking for masters would be cute and sweet. When you find out their mission is to destroy each other to become the ultimate doll for some Svengali-esque doll-maker, well, you get a swift kick in the pants about how the Japanese throw down.

But I digress. I was pleased to have Suiseiseki come to hang with my Pullip doll crew, and would you believe she had zero intention of destroying her fellow dolls? She was just happy to get out of this box.

May 2015 166

Ah, that’s better. For once my backyard served as a proper backdrop of Suiseiseki, as her character (and her twin sister’s) are considered gardeners. May 2015 171 May 2015 172 May 2015 173 May 2015 174

Love the mismatched eyes. And that green velour outfit is just stunning. I know people have criticized this re-release of the Rozen Maiden girls, but they’re certainly made very well!May 2015 175 May 2015 176

Custom Pullip Doll by Nerea Pozo

I haven’t been collecting Pullip dolls for very long, but in all the feverish research I’ve done online, I’ve found a a few favorite artists who create OOAK works of art in the form of my favorite dolly.

One of those artists is Nerea Pozo,  a lovely lady who creates brilliant dioramas, miniatures, artworks, and custom dolls.  This is Enme Printemps, a doll that was gifted to me! She came with four outfits and accessories and original artwork!

April 2015 178 April 2015 180 April 2015 183 April 2015 184 April 2015 187

Can’t recommend her enough! Check out more of her works:

Taeyang Cavalie by Groove

I did it. I finally bought a Taeyang doll. Taeyang is a love interest of Pullip, and he’s exactly the type of tall, dashing hero a girl like Pullip might find intriguing. To learn more about Taeyang, go to the source:

This particular Taeyang is Cavalie,  who I cheaply acquired from the dent box section on PullipStyle.  Unfortunately his ankles came cracked, so shame on me for not just spending the money for an unbroken doll!

April 2015 153

I couldn’t find a lot of info on him, but he looks like a musketeer or a French revolution nobleman. In any case he is gorgeous with long blonde hair and the most stunning purple eyes. April 2015 154 April 2015 155 April 2015 157 April 2015 158 April 2015 159 April 2015 160  April 2015 162 April 2015 163 April 2015 164My thoughts on Taeyang are still undecided. I adore having him in the collection, but am I inspired to continue purchasing them? They are heavier and bulkier than Pullip, and there aren’t a lot of outlets to find clothes for them. In any case I recommend getting at least Taeyang if you have the chance.


PUDDLE 2015 Recap – Pullip and Dal Convention in Chicago

This was my second year attending PUDDLE, the Pullip and Dal Lovers Event held outside of Chicago in a sweet little town called Elk Grove Village. This year was a little more hectic than last year, as my mom was a vendor (shameless plug – SetsieSilhouette on etsy).

What can I say about PUDDLE? It’s a Pullip doll free-for-all and there is so much to see that your eyes burn by the end of the day from trying to absorb as much cuteness as possible. I was super thrilled to meet a handful of awesome folks from Facebook and YouTube, and that alone made the trip worth it.

Here are some photo highlights (these are not my dolls by the way, though I wish they were!) June 2015 116

June 2015 119 June 2015 120 June 2015 121 June 2015 122 June 2015 123 June 2015 124 June 2015 126 June 2015 127 June 2015 128 June 2015 130 June 2015 135 June 2015 136 June 2015 140 June 2015 142 June 2015 145 June 2015 148 June 2015 155 June 2015 156 June 2015 157 June 2015 158 June 2015 160 June 2015 161 June 2015 163 June 2015 164 June 2015 167

A truly fun event that’s perfect for anyone who’s ever thought, “Am I weird for liking dolls?” The answer doesn’t matter, especially with so many kindred spirits out there!

Pullip Nanachan by Groove

Mamma mia the kawaii! Pullip Nanachan is an absolute dream. DREAM. The girl can’t take a bad photo, even smothered behind  a plastic film and strapped into a box.

FullSizeRender (17)

I pre-ordered with the huddled masses around Christmas last year, and we all waited with baited breath to see if the J-Pop singer Mi-Chan’s cat likeness could truly be captured in a Pullip doll. Answer? YES.

May 2015 233 May 2015 234 May 2015 235 May 2015 237 May 2015 238 May 2015 241


Nanachan comes with fur ears and a removable fur tail. No shoes, though…which is weird until you imagine a cat wearing shoes.  She is a vision!

Pullip Aya by Groove

Holy hair, Groove! I had seen pics of Pullip Aya and asked myself, “But why?” I’m being hard on her and she’s now angry at me, but in all seriousness I did not understand at all what Groove was thinking when they designed Pullip Aya, aka Pullip Las Vegas Showgirl.

April 2015 444 April 2015 445 April 2015 446 April 2015 447 April 2015 448 April 2015 449 April 2015 450 April 2015 451 April 2015 453 April 2015 454

I was curious enough to do some research on her, as she’s such a pretty doll with the most unusual stock.  In Japanese fashion, while Lolita style is considered little girl like and innocent, “Hime” style, or Gyaru is more sophisticated and over the top high end fashion.  Here’s a great excerpt I found on Wikipedia about Hime Gyaru:

“It is one of the more over the top and also one of the most expensive style of dress of all of the categories. The hime style is largely based on the Rococo era. Gyaru of this style wear dresses or skirts in pink or other pastels with lots of lace and bows. Rose patterns, pearls and crown motifs are also very common. Headpieces range from large bow clips with pearls to rose accents, while the hair is either bleached, poofed up in a bouffant at the top and curled or a wig/extensions are worn. The make-up style has even more exaggerated eyes than the typical gyaru. Hime gyaru does not only include clothes, but many girls see it as a way of life and make or buy custom-made decor for their homes. The style blossomed in the early 2000s but has since declined or turned more casual (this version is referred to as hime kajii), even if the old one is still present. Not to be confused with Lolita fashion.”

If that’s the description, Aya is your pinup! I couldn’t resist giving her a make-under, though, and found her to be equally charming without her low-cut dress and dangling earrings.

May 2015 227

Pullip Custom Ellie by Lavender Leigh Dolls

It’s no secret that I slapped my name on a Facebook forum, not sure what to expect. But the thing about YouTube is that you can’t share pictures, and what fun is that? There are a million talented people out there, and I was tired of talking to a camera.

One of those extremely talented people is my friend Amanda, who harbored this secret…she’s a doll artist superhero! After seeing a few of her pics, I begged her for a custom. (Begged is putting it mildly.) The result is this gorgeous custom Pullip “Ellie” branded with Amanda’s “Lavender Leigh” signature.

April 2015 290 April 2015 291

Imagine my jaw on the floor when I opened the little box and found that face plate! It took a while for me to find an adequate look for Ellie, who truly deserved the best. She went on a shopping spree… April 2015 301 April 2015 304 April 2015 342 April 2015 420 April 2015 423

I finally landed on this pink haired look and kawaii style that I felt fit her perfectly. If you’re interested in learning more about Amanda’s Lavender Leigh dolls, message me!

May 2015 243 May 2015 244 May 2015 245 May 2015 246 May 2015 247

Pullip Xiao Fan by Groove

“Pullip is in a Chinese dress this time!” This is the exclamation from Groove in their description of Pullip Xiao Fan, who must be absolutely shocked to have found herself looking Chinese-ish. You’d think she might be less shocked to find she is actually an Alien.

April 2015 027

Xiao Fan came to my happy Pullip family via eBay, and I am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t given her too much attention until then.  I figured she would arrive in so-so condition with a crackly Type 3 body and a bad wig. I was wrong on both accounts. Her purple hair was soft and her stock was incredibly well made and quite lovely. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the giant flower in her hair.

April 2015 028 April 2015 029 April 2015 030 April 2015 031

If Pullip Xiao Fan is indeed Chinese, maybe she is Miao Yin from Big Trouble in Little China:

Custom Pullip My Select Paja – PUDDLESTYLE Donation

I couldn’t be more excited about attending PUDDLE this weekend! If you’re not familiar with the event, imagine some of the most devoted Pullip and Dal collectors gathering one place for an event that includes fun prizes, great shopping, and camaraderie.

Each year PUDDLE has a theme, and next year’s theme is Fairy Tales. My mom and I decided to sponsor the event and are donating this lovely fairy doll – Icarena – as a prize.

FullSizeRender (16) FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (18) FullSizeRender (19) FullSizeRender (20) FullSizeRender (21) FullSizeRender (22) FullSizeRender (23) FullSizeRender (24)

The wig is from Denver Doll Emporium (a great source of affordable Leekeworld wigs), and the eyes are from Cool Cat. The wings are from Mei4Life, and of course the dress and hair wreath are from my mom’s shop, SetsieSilhouette.

Icarena has her own fairy tale (Thank you Beatriz!) which will be included with the doll.

We hope you can join us in Chicago!