Pullip Si Anna by Groove

“Sha bebe!”

Believe it or not, that is a common expression in Louisiana that means “Oh how adorable!”  or “That is precious beyond words!” Growing up on the bayou, I said it myself quite often, thinking everyone used “Sha!” to describe something cute.

If ever there was a doll that would make me dig up my Cajun/French, it would be Si’Anna. April 2015 089

April 2015 090Yes, her frock is a little over the top. Yes, that’s real fur lining her hoodie (shudder). But that face, ya’ll.  Those ringlets. It’s a shame this doll is often overlooked.

She also comes with righteous gear, as if Bloomingdales or Henri Bendel was having a sale and she came prepared to power shop. April 2015 088  April 2015 091 April 2015 092 April 2015 093 April 2015 094 April 2015 095 April 2015 096 April 2015 097If you haven’t considered Si’Anna, she’s worth another look! I actually re-dressed mine so that she’s much more like the innocent girl and less like the 80’s Grace Jones rocker babe. An outfit can make a world of difference!

Pullip Sailor Mars by Groove

Insert catchy Sailor Mars quote here!

Sorry, I don’t have one. This dolly was a surprise, actually. I had gotten Sailor Mercury from Groove previously and was unimpressed by her weird faux-leather stock. Yes, I know that’s what their outfits look like, but when comparing these dolls to, say, Romantic Alice, it’s tough not to judge the sad plastic Barbie pumps and bare legs (they must be chilly!)

That being said, it’s hard not to be a Sailor Moon fan.  Sailor Mars is actually Rei Hino, the second Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Usagi and the secondary leader of the Sailor Soldiers after Minako Aino. She possesses powers associated with fire, as well as psychic and spiritual ones.

This doll came from an eBay auction and I was shocked to get her at a low price.  In person she is lovely, especially her purple (!) hair which is incredibly soft.

May 2015 210 May 2015 213 May 2015 214 May 2015 216 May 2015 218 May 2015 219 May 2015 220

Pullip Pullipphine by Groove

You’d think that a bride Pullip would be boring, and by some accounts, I think Pullip Pulliphine has been overlooked by collectors because 1) there was already a Bride Pullip (see Eternia), and 2) brides are too easy.

Well that’s too bad because Pulliphine is a most beautiful bride, with a dress that is amazingly well-made.

FullSizeRender (18)

May 2015 252 May 2015 253 May 2015 255 May 2015 257 May 2015 258 May 2015 260 May 2015 261

She rather reminds me of Kate Middleton with her regal look, don’t you think? The only curious thing about this doll is her expression. She’s not overly happy, but rather subdued…perhaps resigned. Was she set up with a neighboring country’s prince in order to secure her homeland’s peace? Is she actually in love with a peasant boy? You can’t help but let your imagination wander a bit with this doll.

San Diego Comic Con Recap and Mattel Exclusives

Ever wake up and say to yourself, “I want to play dress up and be almost naked in public?” If ever there was an appropriate day to feel like channeling your inner warrior goddess, it would San Diego Comic Con.

July 2015 280

Yep, that’s me, middle-aged, shameless, and strapped into a red leotard that was better suited for a twelve year old.

This was my first year attending the event, which took over downtown San Diego, a city I am lucky enough to call home. I’m not very good with crowds, but somehow dressing up gives one courage…

July 2015 226

If you’re asking yourself, “Who are you supposed to be, anyway?” The answer is Zealot, a character from a mid-90’s comic book called WILDCATS. It was Jim Lee‘s big debut comic after he left Marvel. (Bet you didn’t know I was a comic book geek!)

Zealot was a lean, machine, fighting machine, and for some reason she really resonated with me. So my costume was dedicated to her. Since there was no costume store that would carry such an obscure costume, that meant some creative glue-gunning and spray painting…

July 2015 253 July 2015 254 July 2015 255 July 2015 256  July 2015 276

July 2015 281

I couldn’t be prouder of the results! Anyway, the big “get” at Comic Con this year were the Monster High and Ever After High exclusive dolls. I just so happened to score them both! July 2015 287 July 2015 309July 2015 288

Ever After High’s Wicked Raven Queen:July 2015 303

And Monster High’s Valentine and Wisp two-pack!July 2015 306

I also scored a handful of Skelanimals super heroes. The Penguin Robin may be my favorite…  July 2015 312

Overall, I had an “ok” experience, but find myself wanting to go back just to redeem myself after walking in ridiculous shoes for an hour and not seeing very much. Next year – flip flops and jeans!

Pullip Cinciallegra by Groove

Coming to you from the land of overlooked Pullip dolls is Cinciallegra!

Perpetually in stock at Pullipstyle because collectors likely don’t know what to make of her, I will admit that I, too, was both interested and uncertain about what to do with this girl and her gauzy stock. How tightly wound was that wig, anyway? Are her eyebrows severe? All of this is hard to tell from the stock photos.

April 2015 231 April 2015 232 April 2015 233 April 2015 234

Cinciallegra is a very sweet doll with a unique look that I thought had lots of potential. The few snaps of photos I had seen on Twitter were so promising, and I gasped at the sight of one pic that showed our gray-haired maiden completely re-done with a new wig, eyes, and dress. I took the plunge. April 2015 237 April 2015 239

It turns out that hidden underneath that gauze was a lovely polka dotted dress! I removed the white webbing at once so the girl could enjoy her gown. April 2015 240 April 2015 241 April 2015 242 April 2015 244

Lastly I gave her a makeover, with a new Leekeworld wig and blue Almond Doll eyes (expensive but gorgeous). Here’s are pics of her still in need of a bang trim but you get the idea.April 2015 272 April 2015 275

Pullip Classical Queen by Groove

Who owns the throne? This gal.

Ok, I’ll admit I put off purchasing Pullip Classical Queen for two, maybe three reasons.

  1. She was expensive. Even on Pullipstyle.
  2. She looks rather grown up, and I typically prefer the dolls who are more sweet and innocent looking.
  3. Those choco-buns.

When she arrived, however, I fell instantly in love. Yes, she’s maniacal, “off with her head” and all that, but what I saw in her face was a young lady trying a little too hard to grow up. Maybe she was lonely. Maybe she had a temper because she felt misunderstood.

May 2015 168

Her stock was really well made and that red color was just a fantastic pop of uniqueness that made her stand out to me even more. But those hair-ear-muffs…May 2015 193 May 2015 195 May 2015 196 May 2015 197 May 2015 198 May 2015 199 May 2015 201 May 2015 202


I’m still not the biggest fan of that wig, but I have this thing where it breaks my heart to re-wig a brunette doll. Haha… Maybe I’ll track down the perfect look for her and give her a makeover. That is, if she doesn’t order me beheaded for tampering with her style.

Custom Lagoona Blue Monster High Doll

I don’t collect Monster High dolls, but I recognize how perfect they are for customizing. The face molds are very angular and defined, and I can see the beauty of using these girls as canvases.

One of my favorite characters from the series is Lagoona Blue, a sea monster from the Great Scarrier Reef. Cute, I know.  My good friend Matt gifted me with this lovely custom girl, and I am always in awe of his work. I adore that he softened the doll’s look, and check out those little rhinestones!!!

FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (8) FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (10)

If you are looking for custom faceup work on Pullips or Monster High dolls, I highly recommend Matt! You can reach him via his tumblr at http://mattysdollies.tumblr.com/

Pullip Suiseiseki 2015 by Groove

I had never heard of Rozen Maiden before I met Pullip, but she was kind enough to give me an introduction to these lovely ladies.  Manga can be very deceiving – you’d think a story about 7 dolls looking for masters would be cute and sweet. When you find out their mission is to destroy each other to become the ultimate doll for some Svengali-esque doll-maker, well, you get a swift kick in the pants about how the Japanese throw down.

But I digress. I was pleased to have Suiseiseki come to hang with my Pullip doll crew, and would you believe she had zero intention of destroying her fellow dolls? She was just happy to get out of this box.

May 2015 166

Ah, that’s better. For once my backyard served as a proper backdrop of Suiseiseki, as her character (and her twin sister’s) are considered gardeners. May 2015 171 May 2015 172 May 2015 173 May 2015 174

Love the mismatched eyes. And that green velour outfit is just stunning. I know people have criticized this re-release of the Rozen Maiden girls, but they’re certainly made very well!May 2015 175 May 2015 176

Custom Pullip Doll by Nerea Pozo

I haven’t been collecting Pullip dolls for very long, but in all the feverish research I’ve done online, I’ve found a a few favorite artists who create OOAK works of art in the form of my favorite dolly.

One of those artists is Nerea Pozo,  a lovely lady who creates brilliant dioramas, miniatures, artworks, and custom dolls.  This is Enme Printemps, a doll that was gifted to me! She came with four outfits and accessories and original artwork!

April 2015 178 April 2015 180 April 2015 183 April 2015 184 April 2015 187

Can’t recommend her enough! Check out more of her works:

Taeyang Cavalie by Groove

I did it. I finally bought a Taeyang doll. Taeyang is a love interest of Pullip, and he’s exactly the type of tall, dashing hero a girl like Pullip might find intriguing. To learn more about Taeyang, go to the source: PullipsandJunk.com.

This particular Taeyang is Cavalie,  who I cheaply acquired from the dent box section on PullipStyle.  Unfortunately his ankles came cracked, so shame on me for not just spending the money for an unbroken doll!

April 2015 153

I couldn’t find a lot of info on him, but he looks like a musketeer or a French revolution nobleman. In any case he is gorgeous with long blonde hair and the most stunning purple eyes. April 2015 154 April 2015 155 April 2015 157 April 2015 158 April 2015 159 April 2015 160  April 2015 162 April 2015 163 April 2015 164My thoughts on Taeyang are still undecided. I adore having him in the collection, but am I inspired to continue purchasing them? They are heavier and bulkier than Pullip, and there aren’t a lot of outlets to find clothes for them. In any case I recommend getting at least Taeyang if you have the chance.