Mai Ling Porcelain Cabbage Patch Doll

Growing up I may have wanted that blonde, blue-eyed baby doll, but as I got older I realized how important diversity was. (It may have had to do with accepting my Asian heritage.)

I’m a Cabbage Patch Kid nut. I’m the whacko you see at Flea Markets inspecting a naked, dirty baby doll’s head to see if it’s really “vintage. ” Yikes.

Anyway I would have never splurged on this one, but someone very good to me surprised me with this porcelain 16″ Mai Ling doll from Applause. I think he paid $50 for it, which is a steal I think, especially since the tag attached says $250. I actually remember seeing these dolls for that much money in the 80s. That’s crazy talk.

por1 por2 por3 por4

There’s incredible detail on this doll. Her two piece outfit is embroidered and embellished with bows and lace. Her coat is quilted, and she even comes with matching fabric shoes. So cute. I’ve seen these on eBay for around $30. Totally a worthwhile buy!



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