Calico Critters Sea Otter Family

Spoiler Alert: In Stephen King’s Under the Dome, it turns out that a bunch of aliens are playing ant farm with a town of humans on earth.  Chaos ensues. Well in my dome…er house, I have a large settlement of Calico Critters. We all live peacefully together,  and when my paycheck allows, I bring home another cute family to bump up the population. Here’s my latest: The Sea Otters.


Cute as heck, right? I especially love the shell accessories on mom and sister – a nod to one of the craziest adorable things animals do in the wild. Have you ever watched a sea otter using his little rock to crack a shell on his chest?

If I’m ever at the zoo, you can find me watching the otters. Oh by the way, I wonder why Baby Otter is wearing a tie but no pants. It’s like he’s saying he’s formal, but still ready to party.


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