Blue Nose Friends – Dot the Bug

I can’t believe I’ve never ventured into the kids section at Barnes and Noble. Shame on me. I found these absolutely adorable critters called Blue Nose Friends, and as soon as I saw the bug, I had to have it.

bug1 bug2 bug3 bug4

$7.95 is pretty steep considering how tiny this guy is, but his patchwork and spots bowled me over. I found this website that goes into more detail about them:


One thought on “Blue Nose Friends – Dot the Bug

  1. I am glad I am not the only grown up who fancies Blue Noses. I must confess I have ten of them and my collection is still increasing. My favourites so far are a pterodactyl, who I named Peter (so cliche) and an adorable pink puffer fish. I think they look very good on top of my books on the shelf and I’m afraid I am getting very addicted. But they are so soft and cute…

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