Pullip Dolls Mint Version Alice du Jardin 12″ Fashion Doll

Oh lord have mercy.  My mother is doing her Christmas shopping online at this global shopping site, Rakuten: http://global.rakuten.com/en/

She asked me to look for toys I wanted because let’s face facts, I don’t want clothes, jewelry, and spa products. (All grown up things.)

I stumbled upon a Pullip Doll, and ever since I’ve been on a doll bender. These cute little things are ridiculously detailed and lifelike, but not in that Chucky kind of way.

This one will be mine some day, it’s a mint green version of Alice in Wonderland.


There are a million different kinds of Pullip dolls, so I put them all on Pinterest. http://www.pinterest.com/angelinab74/doll-face/

Does this one look like me?





4 thoughts on “Pullip Dolls Mint Version Alice du Jardin 12″ Fashion Doll

    1. Oh, she is still the centerpiece of my collection, even when I keep gobbling up more dolls. Have you seen the pink version in person? I wonder if she would even compare…

  1. She’s my first and only pullip and I redressed her in a red polka dot and off white lace dress, complimenting her stock socks.

    These cuties are so expensive to get in my country ( I paid U$S340 for my Alice) . I would like to have Alura as my second but she’s just a dream and a grail for now….

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