Crest of the Royal Family – Shojo Manga

It’s not a secret that I’m a hack writer. I write for a living (the not fun stuff that I’m really good at) and then I write for fun (goofy, weird, romantic fiction that I’m really kind of bad at).

I’m that nerd who at 7, knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. Because I love to read stories and I love to tell stories.

I can almost pinpoint the exact moment when I realized I wanted to tell my own stories. I was 4-ish, in Japan, and I was obsessed with these Shojo Manga comics that featured starry, moon-eyed girls and dashingly androgynous men in an epic story about love and saving the world. Oftentimes I found myself drawn to characters who were villains (I liked to call them misunderstood).

My absolute favorite comic was called “Ouke No Monshou” or as wiki tells me, “Crest of the Royal Family.”  It told the story about a gorgeous blonde teenage girl named Carole (how very 70’s right?) who gets transported to ancient Egypt and is wrapped up in a love affair with the young, tempestuous Pharaoh, Memphis.

Sigh…even at 39 my girlish beats aflutter. It didn’t hurt that the art was crazy beautiful.


Even though Carole and Memphis made a really hot couple, I was always more enamored with the young Hittite prince who goes after Carole at first for revenge against Memphis, but then because he’s desperately in love with her.


In this scene the Hittite prince is hurt, and Carole, despite herself, wants to help him. Again, sigh.

The artist of these comics, by the way is a Japanese woman from Osaka named Chieko Hosokawa.


6 thoughts on “Crest of the Royal Family – Shojo Manga

  1. I was browsing through your blog and I’ve just read this post. I didn’t know you were a writer. I have always liked your reviews and recently I found your blog. Now I find out you are a writer. Congratulations, I know from experience (my husband is a writer) how hard it is to write for a living, and I have a great respect for writers. When I first read your blog, it felt like reading something special. Real writers have a way with words that you can always tell they are writers. It is a kind of… je ne sais quois that I cannot explain. I work with translation and in my free time I write some poems, short stories and children’s books to amuse myself. It is very nice to come across a real writer and I’m glad I found your blog.
    I had never heard about “Crest of the Royal Family,” but I’m very interested in it. Time travel, fetching girls and Egyptian pharaohs are my kind of story and I intend to read the comic books. It reminds me of a ballet called “The Pharaoh’s Daughter.” It tells the story of a British explorer who goes to Egypt and is transported in time during a sand storm. He falls in love with the pharaoh’s daughter, but her father wants to marry her to a foreign prince. The music is wonderful and the bolshoi ballet did a great job. I left the link here, in case you are interested. You can find the whole ballet on youtube.
    Sorry if this comment is too long… I’m just so excited I’ve found a writer…

    1. Are you sure you’re not a writer? I really enjoyed reading your comment. It’s funny how we’ve gone from reading to books to blogs to comments to tweets! No matter, as words still pack a punch. I got into writing because of two key elements of my childhood: One, I was painfully shy, and writing helped me express myself. Two, I am half Japanese and grew up in a southern household with a Japanese mom. My parents fought a lot, and I recall thinking that if they could just communicate with each other, they might understand why the other person was so frustrated. I am still “old school” in that I prefer to write over recording video, but the “kids” today are all about YouTube, which is why I started my YouTube channel. Talk about outside my comfort zone! This blog is a nice safe place for me to share pictures and ramble mostly unfiltered about my toys and dolls. I’m happy to have met you!

  2. I loved reading how you got into writing. I think that your Japanese background gave you more ideas for writing, since the Japanese culture is so rich and full of beautiful myths. I am a great fan of Japanese animes, mangas, haikus and folk tales. I also love sumie painting and I even took classes for two years.
    When I was a child I wanted to be a writer, but in my teenage years I got extremely frustated with the quality of my writing and I gave up writing. I ended up studying Law and became a lawyer instead, but I was very unhappy. Then I met my husband, who is a journalist and a writer and of course I became his number one fan. One day I confessed to him that I had always wanted to be a writer and he told me to write a story for him, anything. I wrote an awful story about vampires, full of cliches and (please don’t laugh) the main character died in the end. By the way, the story was written in the first person… My husband read it and he said it was very rough, but he could see something there. He taught me many things about professional writing and he bought me creative writing books. Since then, writing for fun became part of my life and I cannot live without it now. My journey was somewhat unusual, because I write in English but English is not my first language. In the beginning I was awfully self-conscious about it, I felt like a fraud. Now I don’t care. When I want to submit a short story or a poem to a magazine, my husband proofreads it and nobody can tell I am not a native.
    I like your blog and your ramblings about dolls and toys. Your writing flows well and it makes me read more. I think that to keep the attention of the reader is the duty number one of any writer and you certainly can do that. As for videos, I don’t even know how to record one. I much prefer the written word because I can relate better to it, but you are right– nowadays many people prefer to watch videos.
    It was great to have met you and I hope you keep updating your blog!

    1. Ok one last confession…I also write cliched stories about vampires and monsters. You don’t have to be a great writer to tell a good story. I’d love to read your work sometime!

      1. I am sure your stories are not as cliched as you say, because you write very well and you are certainly no novice in the art. I am not good at writing vampire stories, but I love reading them. Carmilla will always be my favourite, and if the doll was not so expensive, I would have pre-ordered her as soon as she came out. It is a shame the new dolls are so pricey…
        I’d also love to read your fiction work sometime! You are very good at keeping the reader’s attention.

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