Ever After High Doll Christmas

Ok, I got not one but FOUR Pullip Dolls this Christmas (which I’ll write about in a few). But I was equally excited to get these Ever After High Dolls to add to my collection.

Namely, the C.A. Cupid, Blondie Lockes and Cerise Hood Dolls. (No one paid more than $21 a doll, btw.) I now have all 9 dolls in the first wave!

As there is always something else to get, I am still eyeballing these “Getting Fairest” dolls that I saw in Justice. (There’s also a Getting Fairest Maddie, but I didn’t snap a photo of her in time before the Justice police caught on to me.)

applegettignfairest briargettingfairest

I already own the Raven doll, which I am super happy about. How pretty are these dolls? I’m still so surprised that they’re so affordable. But I’m itching for the next wave!


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