Hatsune Miku 12″ Pullip Doll

Oh Pullip Dolls. How I love you. This one is named Hatsune Miku, and she was definitely on the pricey side. But she was a gift, and mom says always accept gifts and say thank you.

hatsune3 hatsune4 hatsune5

Pullips are “ball-joint” dolls, which means the arms and legs articulate. These kinds of dolls are predominantly made in Japan and Korea. You can also control her eyes and make her wink.

Hatsune Miku is a “vocaloid” created in Japan – she is a popular 16 year old pop star who is completely computer generated. She “performs” at concerts in animated form on a big screen, and she “sings” through synthetized samplings of an Actress’s voice. The Japanese think of everything. I bet she isn’t ever caught passed out in the back of a Range Rover with American starlets.

hatsune hatsune2



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