The Pullip Doll Addiction Continues

I. Can’t. Stop. Someone told me that once you get your first Pullip doll, you start eyeballing your next one. Or THREE.

eBay is like crack to a toy collector, and I finally fell off the wagon after 8 years. My first hit? This wonderful Pullip doll, Steampunk Aurora. She was $130 with shipping, with the caveat that she was removed from her box.


Once the floodgates were open, I went wild and bought Pullip Nanette. Kawaii, neh?


You’d think I could stop there, but no. I found my all-time favorite Pullip Doll, Mint Alice Du Jardin. For $130 (shipping included).  I’ll be eating ramen for awhile, but I’ll have one hell of a tea party with these fab dolls.


More info to come once these pretties arrive and I can get good pictures.

Also, video reviews to come!


2 thoughts on “The Pullip Doll Addiction Continues

  1. please tell me where can i buy like this CUTE dolls?
    i look everywhere but i couldn’t figure out where to buy them …

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