Barbie as Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz

This ain’t your grandma’s Dorothy from Wizard of Oz doll by Mattel.  This is Barbie-goes-as-slutty-Dorothy-on-Halloween doll. Look at the makeup! Those thigh highs! That short skirt! Scandalous. Of course I had to have her.


The doll in person is actually even sexier than in Mattel’s photo.


She was released in 2010, and I don’t recall any accompanying Glinda or Wicked Witch Dolls. Guess they’re just not as good at pulling off micro-minis. On eBay I found her priced at $45-70 NRFB.


6 thoughts on “Barbie as Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz

    1. We have ALL seen that movie 100 times. Even back then I felt bad for the Wicked Witch…I mean this girl dropped a house on her sister and stole her shoes! Hahah…

  1. There aren’t the other Oz characters for this barbie, she comes out as she is. Barbie Collector has released others two Oz line with the whole characters, one is barbie-like and one has faces inspired to the Judy Garland movie

    1. I thought that was the case. I’ve seen the more traditional Dorothy Barbie – and the other characters – but I didn’t know how or why this doll was released. In any case she’s very cute. 🙂

      1. Lolita…that sounds about right. OMG I adore the glamour version! I’ve never seen that one! Thanks for sharing!

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