Pullip Dolls Akemi Homura 12″

This is Akemi Homura, one of the FIVE 12″ Pullip Dolls I acquired this Christmas. Excessive? Yes. Necessary. Yes.


Having never seen a Pullip Doll in person, I was not prepared for how well made they are, from their eye controls to their faces and their detailed costumes.  This doll was a limited edition and like all Pullips, comes with a collectable character card and doll stand.

The pictures don’t do her justice, and what’s very interesting is that in photos you can’t see how silvery gray her hair is.


Pullips are actually Korean dolls that are sold in Japan (but don’t tell my Okasan that). She costs about $100 on Amazon, which is on the lower end for these dolls.

About Akemi: She is a character from an Anime series called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She’s cool, mysterious, athletic and appears to have magical powers.


2 thoughts on “Pullip Dolls Akemi Homura 12″

  1. I love Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Akemi Homura is one of the best characters in the show! It’s just that I cried during it so many times!

    1. I was completely unaware of the story until I got the doll. I was so intrigued with her unique look that I did some digging on the story and now I am hooked!

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