The San Francisco Music Box Company – Marjorie Sarnat Castle

I love when gifts make me cry. This fairy tale castle from the San Francisco Music Box Company was designed by Marjorie Sarnat, whose works, according to her website, “emphasize tender human emotions.” So I guess the crying was apropos.

My sister surprised me with this doozy of a music box for my birthday years ago, and I have held it so dear. It’s so very….me…if you know me. It couldn’t be more over the top with fairies, a castle, a moat, a unicorn thrown in, a prince and his damsel, stars, crystals glitter, flowers…all that’s missing are purple horseshoes.





I found this on the website:

From the Rainbow Visions collection, this dazzling fantasy castle opens a most magical world for your dreamer of dreams. It contains all the elements of a fairy’s realm, from a unicorn in the garden and a bridge of rainbows to the fairies flying on fine wires overhead and their welcoming, glittering castle. Plays “Moonlight Sonata.”

It’s still one of my absolute favorite gifts.

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