She-Ra Princess of Power, Frosta, and Castaspella

What I wouldn’t give for one of those She-Ra necklaces!

I was digging through some old boxes looking for my Frosta doll, She-Ra’s icy blue girlfriend, and I looked up one of those old commercials.


To be honest, I cant believe I talked my mother into buying me these manly dolls. Yes, yes, everybody loves a good warrior princess, and He-Man was all the rage back then (She-Ra, if you didn’t know, was He-Man’s twin sister!).  But still. DAMN. Did no one consider the faces on these dolls? Or the fact they looked like NFL players in drag?

Somehow the cartoon didn’t translate over to the toy line…


Does she look Asian or am I reaching? Anyway I had about 4 of these dolls before my mom said ENOUGH. This one was particularly hilarious. She is…wait for it….CASTASPELLA.


Okay, okay, one more then I’ll stop. This one is called Double Trouble. Her head actually spins and has two faces – one sweet and one clearly hormonal. She’s just like a real woman!


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