Crossroads Teddy Bear and Doll Show in San Diego 2014

A doll show? Right here in San Diego? It’s true, Crossroads puts on a Teddy Bear and Doll Show around the country, including beautiful Kearny Mesa in San Diego. This year’s event was held in the Al Bahr Shriner Center on two floors, and there were MANY toy vendors in the house. I have never been around quite so many scary old dolls and teddy bears before, and I was in creepy heaven!

Doll Show 3

I was, of course, on the hunt for Pullip Dolls, but I had no real expectations. Admission was $8, which at first seemed a bit steep but considering how packed these two floors were, I thought it was fair.

This was an interesting event, because as a collector of dolls, I know my Barbies. I know my Cabbage Patch Dolls. The prices for what was available wasn’t what I’d consider competitive. Maybe this was more of a teddy bear event, and I’m really just after something squishy and cute that will look good on a shelf. Some of these teddies looked like real bears and had the price tags to match.

Not one Pullip Doll or Blythe Doll was in the house. I also didn’t find any real options for doll accessories that I could use for a custom doll. But I did score a couple of great toys:

A porcelain Cabbage Patch Kid doll named Kellyn Marie in all original clothing, socks and shoes (inexplicably her diaper and bloomers were missing), for $50. (A fair price.)  I’ll do my own review on this one in a bit.


I also found a teddy bear in a blue velvet jumper for $15 that was screaming to come home with me.


All in it was a fun was to spend an hour, amongst the other toy and doll nerds.

Doll Show 1

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