Licca Dolls from Japan

My mom sent me these Licca-chan dolls from Japan last year. I remember playing with her when I was a kid in Fukuoka, and it brought back memories to see these dolls haven’t gone all crazy in the face and shape molds like Barbie. They’re still stocky-legged and sporting the same melancholy half-smile.

licca1 licca2 licca3

My favorite is Kindergarten Mika-Chan, a blonde doll sporting the most adorable blouse and skirt and yellow hat. I got her for free (thanks, ma!) but I found her on Amazon for $12.


Some fun Licca-chan facts:

  • She was introduced in 1967
  • As of 2007, 53 million Licca dolls have been sold
  • She has more of a Japanese style body and features
  • She is officially 11 and loves Anne of Green Gables. (I’m not making that up.)

Here is one of my favorite Licca dolls, an Alice in wonderland meets Mickey Mouse mash-up.


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