Pullip Doll Nanette 12″

What a filly. In my useless battle to control my Pullip addiction, I tried narrowing the field of dolls down to the ones I couldn’t live without. Nanette, with her pretty green eyes and curls made the cut. She arrived via Amazon (Prime, mind you) in a box that was a little worse for wear. The plastic on the front of the box had slipped off and the box itself was a little scuffed, the doll thankfully was in fantastic condition.

nan2 nan1


Nanette is a little bit famous, actually, since she was featured on the cover of Fashion Doll Pullip – Hi! I’m Pullip. What’s funny is that the book is more expensive than the doll on Amazon! I did see the book for $70 on eBay as well.

Her hair is light brown and comes in adorable ringlets, and her shoes have tiny ribbons on them. She also comes with a beret (that can be clipped on), pink gloves, and a gold handbag.






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