Blast from the past: Fairy Winkles Toys Part 1

The year was 94. I was way too old to be scouring outlet malls for unpopular fairy-related collectibles, but I have never had much dignity when it came to toys.

Case in point – my (almost) complete collection of Fairy Winkles.

Some background: Fairy Winkles were produced by Kenner from 93-95. I believe they put out only two lines before closing up shop, which was sad because I thought this was a very creative line of toys. The concept was that these tiny fairies lived in very random places but were hidden by secret compartments. Believe me, they had me at “secret compartment.”

Here is my first batch of Fairy Winkles (the rest still need to be dusted off and assembled, and I fear some of the teeny fairies have lost their way in the course of 4-5 cross-country moves).

book1 book1a clock clock2 coin coin2 lipstick lipstick2 necklace perfume1 perfume2 perfume3 perfume4 perfume5 shell1 shell2 shell3

Want to learn more? I found two great blogs that reminisce about Fairy Winkles:

Also, I found this video on YouTube of a Fairy Winkles commercial. Takes me back.


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