Pullip Dolls Steampunk 2nd Eclipse Aurora

I love the broken English description from the manufacturer for Steampunk Aurora:

“such a world of clockwork my own to find from the harsh noise that will be delivered together in the case of product delivery. Long hair redhead stands out conspicuously. Outfit you elaborate detail and extensive use of metal parts. Solid feeling is also plentiful. Big black wings like obscures all is also characteristic. Crafted of snake leather-like hat is also a sight to see!”


She is ghostly pale with purple eyes and a lot of fun little metal pieces on her dress and top hat. She also comes with giant fabric and metal wings (not attached for practical purposes) and an eyepiece made of glass. Her boots are lace up and she has a corset over her blouse. Her hair is a deep red and very long, curled at the ends. Dare I say she’s my favorite Pullip doll?

au au1 au2 au3 au4 au6 au7 au8

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