Pullip Dolls Snow White 12″

Oh my goodness oh my goodness (is that a line from the Annie movie?) This 12″ Snow White Pullip is a dream come true. She’s the first one I ever put my eyes on, and she’s all mine! (Insert deranged laugh here.)

Like all Pullip Dolls, her eyes can wink and look from side to side, and she comes with a collectable character card and doll stand. What’s strange is that on Amazon, her price varies from day to day, between $100 and $160.


pullip sno5 sno4


If you’re just starting your Pullip collection, this is a great doll for first timers. Her hair is super soft and in cute ringlets, her sandals and her embroidered bag are detailed, and her dress has almost 5 layers of petticoats!


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