Pullip Dolls Merl Doll, 12″

I had a bad night. You know how when you’re down, you do something to make yourself feel better, like eat a gallon of Haagen Daz or watch The Notebook? Well I buy dolls.

Here is my pick-me-up doll, Pullip Merl.


I will get into how awesome this doll is in a second, but I will first admit that I was THISCLOSE to buying sherbet-haired Pullip Akemi with the adorb eyelids, until I watched this video review of her on YouTube, by a serious Pullip aficionado, Scarlet B. (Girl, you awesome.) She mentioned how Akemi’s wig was a little thin, her hat was hard to get on her giant head and her clothes were mad baggy. I was not impressed.

Then I clicked on another of Scarlett’s reviews, this one of Merl.  Granted it was not perfect – stuff broke on camera, but so what! She was cute as heck and I decided she needed to join my doll family.


merl2 merl3




The details on this doll are incredible. The boots, the striped socks, the little sash with metal embellishments, and her hair bows are all so unique. Her dress has layers and some beautiful white pleats along the bottom.

Her hair is very thick and a fabulous caramel color – and not nearly as wavy as advertised. But it’s a small nit on an otherwise gorgeous doll.






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