Harrod’s White Teddy Bear

In 2002, I was lucky enough to snag a ride with my BFF Markus to London for a whole week! Back then I was super broke and still in school, so I made sure to save my pennies for only the best toys.

That was the year of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and since I spent much of that week alone and on foot, I explored a lot of what the city had to offer.

A must stop for any London trip is to Harrod’s, the big shiny department store that sits on 5 acres in Knightsbridge.  And if you didn’t have money to blow on designer duds, you walked away with a Teddy Bear, just like this one:


Theodore is a white teddy bear, and boy was I happy to score him. I think at the time he cost me upwards of $30, which seems ridiculous but considering I still adore him all these years later, I’d say he’s earned his keep.

You can check out Harrod’s other bears here: http://www.harrods.com/gifts/bears-and-soft-toys


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