Pullip Dolls Mint Version Alice du Jardin 12″

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Here is my dream doll!! And I didn’t pay a king’s ransom for her either!

Pullip’s Mint Alice doll was the reason I needed to collect Pullips in the first place. Yes, they’re expensive and yes they’re “toys,” but I had just never seen anything quite so pretty before.  And at the original $287 asking price on Amazon, she would definitely remain a pipe dream for this doll collector.


That is, until I started seeing prices drop. On Amazon, she’s now listed for $196 (as of posting). And on eBay, I found a dealer in Arizona who priced her at $130 (shipping included). So I decided the doll gods were with me. I nearly passed out when I got her she was so pretty!!

mint1 mint2 mint3 mint5 mint6

Alice comes with a removable headband, stuffed pink bunny, and the most adorable shoes you’ve ever seen. If you can find her priced right, I can’t recommend her enough!

One thought on “Pullip Dolls Mint Version Alice du Jardin 12″

  1. oh man, you really need her 😦 because seriously pullips are soooo expensive and i really want one for my birthday…

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