PUDDLE 2014 Event in June

I am a Pullip doll nut. Certified. And let me tell you these dolls are not cheap. I remember thinking how I’d never spend $30 on a doll let alone $100! Oh but they’re so pretty, and since I work from home and no longer need fancy clothes and shoes, I blow money on dolls. (I’m a liberal arts major and I have two cats, too. My mom says I’m a catch!)

I was recently at a Barnes and Noble scouring doll magazines (don’t judge) and read about an event called PUDDLE, which stands for “Pullip and Dal Lovers Event.” Cute, huh? Dal, if you didn’t know, is Pullip’s mean, scary headed rival. Not a fan.

Anyway I got all up in that website, puddlestyle.com, and decided that this year, I needed to fly to Chicago for the event June 7th. I even want to bring a customized doll to show off.

So excited!!! Hotel is already booked. My mom will be joining me, so there will be two crazy Asian women in the hizzy.



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