1984 Porcelain Cabbage Patch Kid Doll Kellyn Marie

This is Kellyn Marie, a porcelain Cabbage Patch Doll I picked up at the Crossroads Doll Show in San Diego in January.

Everybody knows how Cabbage Patch Kids epitomized the 80’s toy fads, and I remember even back then a pudgy armed doll cost parents $40 on average to ensure their child had a cabbage under the Christmas tree. The idea was that each kid was an orphan in need of adoption – and she came with the papers to prove your ownership. I fell hard for it, of course, and as a kid I conned many dolls out of my mom. My idea of adoption, though, meant each kid was part of my rainbow tribe and they’d be on my dodgeball team. I was a tomboy, ok?

In my collection now I have…maybe 25 Cabbage Patch Dolls, and two of them have porcelain faces and arms. (See Mai Ling for info on my other doll.) I bought Kellyn Marie because I thought she was beautiful and in decent condition, with the original hang tag from Applause attached. She has some smudge marks on her face, her hair is discolored in places, and she’s missing her original diaper and bloomers.

But isn’t she pretty?? I’ve seen her on eBay from $50-100, though in 1984 she retailed for $250! Oh how fast fads fade. (Say that 3 times fast.)

kellyn kellyn2 kellyn3 kellyn4 kellyn5


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