Pullip Doll Stica 12″ During Customization

Yikes! I’ve started my very first custom project on a Pullip Doll, and it is nerve-wracking! I watched a handful of How-To videos on YouTube, specifically, this one, that helped me feel a false sense of confidence that I could tear apart a $60 doll.

What I didn’t pay enough attention to was:

  • Some dolls have a skull cap. Others don’t.
  • Some eye chips are gel-like and require an Exact-o knife to cut out, while others very easily pop out.

So imagine me and my super-patient grown male assistant, five tools, super glue, and a can of naphtha, trying to take off Stica’s wig, remove her head, and replace her gel eye chips. It was not pretty. But it sure was fun. Here she is at the moment, with her new green eye chips from KiraKiraCreations on Etsy.


sticabald5 sticabald4 sticabald2 sticabald

Ok, not perfect by a long shot, but at least she doesn’t have vampiric red eyes anymore!


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