My Grail Pullip – Lunatic Queen Pullip Doll

I’m getting hip to this doll speak, especially in relation to Pullip Dolls. Here are a few terms I’ve picked up in the last month:

Custom: You’ve seen these on Pinterest and been amazed and how creative the industry is. Custom is a doll that’s been customized in some way – re-wigged, re-chipped, re-vamped.

Faceup: This is a doll that’s had all the makeup on her face re-done.

MIO: This is Pullip getting wise to the custom industry, so newbies like me can get in on the action. Make-it-Own is a line of less expensive (and less complicated) Pullips that can be customized more easily.

Obitsu: This is a doll body type that is made of vinyl, not resin. They vary in bust size, which weirdly seems to be a reason for people to want them.

Re-Wigged: A doll that has had her wig replaced.

Re-Chipped: A doll that has had her eyes replaced.

Stock: Everything that comes with the Pullip, like her outfit, accessories, shoes, etc.

Other terms I found on

Bait– Doll sold or bought for the express purpose of customizing, is usually flawed in some way.
JP- Jun Planning– the original company that made pullips before ownership of pullip was sold to Groove Inc. during the Spring of 2009
MIB – Mint in Box
OOAK– One of a Kind Custom doll
NRFB– Not Removed From the Box

My favorite term right now is “Grail” – which means the doll that you MUST OWN in your collection. This doll is typically pricey, limited in number, etc. For me, the grail is Lunatic Queen.

Pullip_Lunatic_Queenaa_enl2 lunatic lunatic1

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