Dixie’s Diner Playset from Tyco – 1988

A blast from my past…I dug out my entire Dixie’s Diner playset from the late 80s.  From Ghost of The Doll:

Dixie’s  Diner was produced by Tyco in 1988-89 and was a 1950’s style diner. Along with the main Diner playset there were several additional items which were sold separately to add to the diner. There was also eleven pose-able figures produced as well as a VHS cartoon.

I remember vividly Christmas 1988, when all I wanted for Christmas was as much of the Diner as I could get my hands on. My mom, being a toy sucker herself, happily obliged with nearly the entire collection.

diner2 diner3 diner4 diner7 diner6 diner diner5 diner8

I was so enamored with this set, and to this day it’s really aged well. The detail that went into each piece – the pinball machine, for example, really impressed me. And how ingenious that the feet of each of these dolls has a magnet that sticks to the metal floor of the diner itself? They also each came with a metal and plastic stand with their names on it.

I’m actually only missing a handful of pieces that would complete the set (Go eBay!):

  • Frankie doll – this is the Bowzer/Danny Zuko character that for some reason, my mom didn’t feel I needed. Even then she didn’t want me fraternizing with bad boys.
  • Bobby doll – This is the African American male doll, and I believe this doll came out a year after the original set. It is a little suspect that all of the original dolls were white.
  • Peggy Sue Doll – This blonde doll appears to be a waitress at the diner.
  • The Blue and Pink Convertible – I see these on eBay all the time. I just don’t have space for it!
  • The teeny tiny balls that go with the billiard table – Oh come on!
  • The diner table -(this cheap plastic piece aged badly and must have bit the dust in one of my many moves)

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