Ever After High Apple White Fainting Couch, Thronecoming, and Cedar Wood Reveal

Over Christmas I scored this fainting couch for the Apple White Ever After High Doll. As you can see, it’s in her signature red,white, and gold palette. It was honestly so pretty in the box that I almost didn’t want to open it. ALMOST.


Side note: If you’re considering the vanity for Raven Queen, skip it. In person it’s very drab and fugly, and more suited to Monster High, which I’m not a fan of.

For $20, this piece is really a steal. It comes with fun little compartments to store accessories, an AW pillow, a laptop, and some glasses, among other goodies. Highly recommend this! Although it just makes me hope for an Ever After High Castle soon…

faint2 faint3 faint4

By the way, the big Ever After High news comes from the 2014 Toy Fair held in NYC this past February.  Attendees got a sneak peak at the upcoming Thronecoming Dolls as well as a super sweet Cedar Wood basic doll!

Found this vid on YouTube:


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