My Select Pullip Paja Doll – Custom Dress

Pullip Paja is a gem – she’s part of the My Select series that lets newbie customizers like me play with a less crazy expensive doll and change up her look. I saw no reason to hack off her thick, blonde wig or pop out her bright green eyes, but baby girl did need a new frock.

paja3 paja2 paja5 paja4

I went to Michael’s and found some beads and accessory items, including this marvelous piece that I think will make a grand handbag for her.


My mom is working on her dress, made out of real silk kimono fabric! A headband is also in the works. Maybe she’ll be ready in time for PUDDLE in Chicago!

paja7 paja6

paja3 paja paja2


If you’re looking for Paja, I highly recommend picking her up on They have the best prices and shipping is very quick.

Stay tuned for updates!


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