Pullip Roman Holiday Princess Ann 12″ – Rewigged

I bought a wig on eBay that was supposed to be jet black. It wasn’t. I was a little peeved.


But that’s ok. I decided to try re-wigging a doll I had been eyeballing on Amazon, Pullip Roman Holiday Princess Ann.

What I dug about this doll was her brown eyes, sweet face, and dark hair. Her outfits were so adorable and who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn? if you don’t know, the doll is based on a movie where Ms. Hepburn is a bored princess who falls in love with an American in Rome. Here is the original doll:

ann1 ann2 ann3 ann6

Cute, right? But that wig was TRAGIC. Crunchy, wiry, and scary black. Here is Ann after getting her hair did:

ann10 ann5 ann7 ann8 ann9

I trimmed her shaggy bangs a bit, and I’m waiting on craft scissors to even it out. But isn’t she pretty??

2 thoughts on “Pullip Roman Holiday Princess Ann 12″ – Rewigged

  1. I just bought this doll. She hasn’t gotten here yet but I am thinking about rewigging. Im alittle nervous about it though since this is my first pullip…. What do you think?

    1. Don’t be nervous! The key is to take your time removing the wig. I was just chatting about this doll earlier. She has one of the most beautiful faces of all my dolls. That wig doesn’t do her justice in my opinion! My goal was to preserve the look of the doll (as Audrey) with a better wig. that’s why I wanted to go with a black or brunette look. I’d love to see pics of your doll once she’s got a new do!

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