1/6 Yashiro Kasumi review by Kotobukiya

Great review!



I remember eyeing on her for months before I decided to purchase her, only because I saw her on sale on Rakuten c: I believe I bought her for second hand & sealed.
Why did I buy this? Not sure. There’s this charming look on her face… and I can’t quite lay a finger on her expression. Is she thinking? Is she sad? Is she just relaxing and enjoying whatever she’s looking at? Also, her hair. Yeah, you probably read this many times. “Haaairrrrr!” Yeah. Her hair is truly beautiful.


I couldn’t find an original illustration to this figure. Kasumi, apparently, has very stiff and pokey hair. I find it interesting how Kotobukiya changed that and gave her graceful long hair. It almost looks like she slept with hair conditioner and the next day, bam! Really smooth, long, and untangled hair. Also, Koto changed her hair color too. I don’t really have an opinion on…

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