Barbie Basics Asian Dolls Model #5 Collection 001 and 002

Dragon lady doll alert! These Barbie Basics dolls are a little scary, but I can’t help myself when I see an Asian Barbie.  The “Basic” part of these dolls was that they came in very simple outfits (like an LBD) and you could personalize them with your own style. So…pick the doll closest to your look, then make her into your clone! Sort of like American Girl but cheaper…and more trampy.

barbiebasics4 barbiebasics1

First – Barbie Basics Model #5.

Whoa. I don’t know any Asian girls with this look.

barbiebasics6 barbiebasics7 barbiebasics5

Sister is drag-show ready with that makeup! She’s fierce in her LBD and permanently  cocked arm on her hip. Her fingernails are red, too.

Maybe Mattel decided that Model #5 was a bit too Asian-y, so they toned her down for Collection 002 – a denim inspired line.

barbiebasics13 barbiebasics12 barbiebasics11 barbiebasics9

The bangs are still Moe-From-Three-Stooges inspired, but she’s much prettier than the scary first version. I don’t think this doll did very well – whether the concept was flaky (Aren’t all Barbies customizable?) or the look was boring. Anyway, I scooped these sisters up fast and kept them locked in their boxes. Until now!



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