Hello Kitty x Tokidoki x Pullip Collaboration Announced!

I saw this on the PUDDLE Facebook page and thought someone was pulling my leg. This is cuteness overload!

Pullips and Junk

Groove announced another doll release named Violetta for April (May for us in the US) via their blog this morning. Violetta is a collaboration between Pullip, Tokidoki and Hello Kitty (Sanrio).  Tokidoki is a lifestyle brand that debuted  in 2005 and was created by Italian artist Simone Legno. A wide variety of  items featuring Tokidoki artwork have been released over the year everything from clothing to skateboards to purses. Hello Kitty was created by Sanrio and is popular with young and old alike, countless merchandise featuring her has been produced over the years. Hello Kitty and Tokidoki have collaborated together for years to release products such as purses/clothes featuring both Hello Kitty and Tokidoki designs. 

Previously Groove has collaborated with Tokidoki to release two Pullips: Luna and her recolor Lunarosa. Groove has also collaborated with Sanrio in the past to release two Pullips Hello Kitty and My Melody and two Dals…

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