Pullip Pere Noel

Pullip Pere Noel….or “Father Noel” if you’re paying attention, is a lot more feminine than you’d expect an old man to be. I’d don’t have great pics of her yet, but I was so excited to share! Description from PullipStyle.com:

  • Pullip designed by KIYOKAWA ASAMI, an artist well known for her distinct ability to embroider photographs
  • The pure white ballet costume designed for Christmas is full of details that reflect her artistic style.
  • As the main visual of Matsuya Ginza Department Store’s 2012 Christmas Promotion. This Pullip Pere Noel is displayed on posters throughout the Matsuya Ginza Department Store and Ginza Metro Station (subway).

pere4 pere5 pere6 pere7 pere8 pere9 pere10 pere1 pere2 pere3

Her outfit is gorgeous! That white ballerina costume is embroidered and has tiny little beads all over it. Her shoes were a pain to get on but ultimately super cute – they wrap up her legs, and her hair barrettes were pretty if not a little over the top (and is that real fur? Gross.) My favorite thing about this doll (besides her platinum bob and white painted nails) are her silvery-glitter colored eyes. She is incredibly pretty and displays very well.  Great for any collector and dance enthusiast!

Here is my YouTube review of her:


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