Pullip Doll Princess Rosalind 12″

Holy wedding cake topper nightmare! Pullip Princess Rosalind is not a gal to ever show up underdressed. I got her on Amazon.com and was not at all prepared for the amount of pomp and circumstance this doll brought with her in that tightly packed box.

  • Big dress surrounded by a separate, wired, pearl-riddled, lace cage
  • A giant bow (almost torn off) that draped into two long strands around her dress
  • Platform shoes – gold, natch.
  • Red gloves (that likely would have stained the heck out of her skin if not for the saran wrap around her body.
  • REAL FUR arm bands that were pretty creepy.
  • Another set of decorative arm bands.
  • Pearl and flower choker
  • A wire and lace crown that looked like a dessert gone wrong, with a second rhinestone crown decoration that had come loose.

rosalind1 rosalind2 rosalind3 rosalind4 rosalind5

Oh but the doll itself is so pretty! I’ll likely find her a new outfit, but in the meantime here are some pics I took of her (before quickly removing those shameful fur armbands). She’s a doozy to set up and display, and the other dolls in the display case make fun of her.

pullip rosalind2 pullip rosalind3 pullip rosalind4 pullip rosalind5 pullip rosalind6 pullip rosalind8 pullip rosalind9 pullip rosalind10 pullip rosalind11 ros1

By the way, I LOVE this promo pic of Rosalind for Pullip’s 10th anniversary celebration.

pullip rosalind12


Here’s my YouTube review!


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