Pullip Nella Retro Memory

My pink haired vixen arrived today – Pullip Nella Retro Memory – from Amazon (Thank you, Prime!) You can also get her at Pullipstyle.com.  Here’s some neat facts courtesy of Pullipstyle:

  • She was produced by Fashion Magazine ‘’Gothic & Lolita Bible’’.
  • MANGA Artist, Mitsukazu Mitsuhara drew and designed Nella is wearing.

So….yeah. I bought this pretty girl on a whim, and I was immediately bored by her pinkish braids. The wig itself was lovely, and her outfit is totally fab, but something was missing.

nella1 nella2 nella3 nella4

I should say that her stock is lovely. In addition to a very detailed dress, she has bloomers, knee high striped socks, adorable shoes, a cape, a bag, and a scepter with a globe at the end – because you never know when a girl needs to knight someone.

Anyway off with her wig, I said! And busted out one of my prettiest Leekeworld wigs in Whisper Blue. It was a perfect match!

nella10 nella11

nella5 nella6 nella7 nella8 nella9 nella12



7 thoughts on “Pullip Nella Retro Memory

  1. You’ve made her so pretty by changing the wig! I’ve been looking at her for some time and her price is quite good at Amazon UK. However, every time I looked at her I thought “something is not right with her.” I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but something didn’t match. You solved the problem: it is her wig. She looks perfect now. Before the wig transplant she didn’t have any blue in her outfit, so her blue eye stood out too much. Now it matches the wig. The pink eye matches the brown in the outfit, but the blue needed something else.
    I’ve decided to buy one more pullip before 2015, it will be a Christmas gift to myself. I don’t know when Mona Lisa will be released and I need to feed my addiction somehow. I’m torn between Seila and Nella (the black version). I’d like to have a doll in black and Nella looks very cute with her other-worldly green eyes. Her price is not so bad. She is steampunkish as well and this pleases me, but I’ve only seen one review on youtube. I’m afraid of making a bad choice.
    Since you are a more experienced doll collector, I’d like to ask your sincere opinion of her. Do you think she is worthwhile? Would you consider adding her to your collection?

    1. Is price what is having you lean more toward Nella over Seila? For the record I have Nella on my list to get because I love Retro so much and her face is just precious. Nella (black version) comes with all the fun stuff that Retro does and I’m assuming her stock will be marvelous. For me it comes down to the wig. I adore the cute braids on Nella, but there’s something very different about Seila. Her hair is huge!! I don’t think you can make a bad choice here it’s really just a preference thing. Nella is much more steampunk and as I get to know you I feel like that may suit your personality a bit more. Anyway let me know what you decide!

  2. Thank you for telling me your opinion about Nella! It is good to know she is on your list. I was here doing some research about her, and I’d like to ask you one question. Since Nella and Nella Retro have the same hairstyle, could you please tell me if it is possible to let the braids down? I read that the ends of the braids are glued underneath the wig and if you want to let her hair down you must pull or cut these ends in order to detach them from her wig. I wonder if it would spoil some of her hair, or if I just needed to pull the ends and the braids would easily detach from the wig… Since she is quite pricey, I would hate to buy her just to find out later that it would spoil her wig if I let the braids down. If I buy her I will definitely let her hair down in two long braids.
    You are right about my taste. Nella does suit me better than Seila. I simply cannot resist a stempunk-gothic lady with a very sweet smile on her face and two eerie green eyes. If Nella didn’t exist, I would certainly buy Seila because she is also very sweet and her outfit is perfect. The only problem with Nella so far is the wig. If I can let those braids down without much struggle, I think she is the one for me. Sorry to bother you about her braids, but so far I haven’t found the information I want about her hair and I’m a bit worried about it. If I could see my pullips in person before I bought them it would be much easier to make up my mind!

    1. I fully understand how important the hair is on a doll. I loved the braids on Nella Retro – for me it came down to the color. I found the pink to be a bit lackluster. As for taking them down, I don’t recall the ends being glued (I have since given that wig away), but I have taken Pullip pigtails down and found that it did indeed impact the wig. Why? Because I found that doll wigs with hair pulled into tails are created in a way meant to stay parted down the back of the head. It leaves a strange separation line so it never really feels seamless. Does that make sense?

      Are you a member of my Facebook group? I ask because I’d like to message you in less of a public forum about your steampunk tastes.

  3. Thank you so much for your answer! It helped me a lot. Now I need to do a little more thinking about Nella… I suffer from insomnia, so I’ll be reflecting on Nella while I turn in my bed tonight. I understand what you mean about wigs with braids and pigtails. I have Byul Cocotte and her wig would never look good if the pigtails were taken down. Since I don’t intend to undo the braids, only take them down, I don’t think it will be too much impact on Nella’s wig. Anyway, I’ll certainly let you know if I buy her.
    I’ve just sent you a request to join your Facebook group. Thank you for inviting me. I love to talk about dolls and about steampunk, but I don’t find many people to talk about these subjects…

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