Custom Pullip Stica 12″ Post Transformation

It’s Pullip Stica, but better! This precious girl that I bought on eBay on a lark turned into my very first customized doll.  Isn’t she pretty? Here is what was done:

  • New eye chips (emerald green)
  • New wig (gray from Clara’s Peach on Etsy)
  • New boots
  • New OOAK steampunk-inspired outfit! This was created from scratch by my mother.

green green2 green3 green4 green5



6 thoughts on “Custom Pullip Stica 12″ Post Transformation

  1. Congratulations! She looks fabulous, like a real steampunk lady ready to board her airship bound for exciting adventures. I think she looks even better than Aurora, and if I saw this lady for sale on pullipstyle, she would go to the top of my list. I love the clock detail on her dress, and the colour of her eyes. I do have a soft spot for steampunk characters and she captures the style perfectly. Yesterday I saw Stica (new) for sale at amazon us for $74 and I confess I was very tempted. However, I cannot stand her vampire eyes. I don’t know why groove did this to her. French maids and vampires simply don’t match. Unless she is really a vampire in disguise and in the dead of the night she descends from her attic to attack the necks of her ususpecting masters…

    1. I agree with you completely about the eyes and it’s exactly why I haven’t bought a new doll from Amazon US. I also saw her at that great price! Getting her eye chips out with an exacto knife is scary and frustrating, too. Thanks for the vote of confidence on her! I love your vampire storyline for Stica…you should help me with my PUDDLE entry! I am customizing a garden fairy doll (the theme this year is fairy tales) and I want to write an original storyline for her. I’ll post pics as I get closer to putting her together!

      1. When I watched tutorials on how to change the eye chips of pullips, I gave up customizing. I am a very clumsy person (nerd type), and I simply know that I will cut myself when I try to get her eyes out. I once saw a girl who cooked the eye chip mechanism in very hot water for 15 minutes and then the eyes got loose, but I am not sure if this is a good idea.
        I didn’t know what PUDDLE was (I live in the UK), so I went to their site and I’ve just found out. Making up a story about a doll and basing in on a fairy tale seems to be fun and I’d love to be able to help. I am very fond of fairy tales myself and distorting a fairy tale can be extra fun. Your fairy can be a naughty one. I think the secret to come up with a good plot is to avoid the more common fairy tales and maybe try some of Andersen’s tales, or some Scottish folk tale, or a Russian fairy tale (Russian fairy tales are amazing– Baba Yaga is my favourite witch ever– she flies in a mortar, so stylish).
        I’d love to see the pictures of your customized doll when she is ready. I’m sure you must be doing a great job!
        Once I distorted a fairy tale for an anthology called Grim Fairy Tales, it was the Little Sea Maid. I am sending the link to it, in case you find yourself with nothing to do and in the mood for reading amateurish writing. I keep an obscure blog and there I post lots of poems I know I won’t be able to publish anywhere else, plus some short stories. Here is the link to the story:

      2. Oh I so enjoyed reading that! I mostly enjoyed how you took the normally villainous characters – a pirate and a murderess sea maid – and made them sympathetic characters. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I was hoping Anemone would get her Erik in the end!! 🙂

  2. OMG, she is just perfect.
    I mean the cloths are amazing!
    I wish I had the patterns for that! Your mother is just too amazing!
    I mean the colour and everything ❤
    Too beautiful!

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