Pullip Alice Du Jardin By Groove (Pink Version)

Pullip and Jun Planning and Groove USA (all the players in this delicious world of Pullip) seem to be obsessed with the Alice in Wonderland character.  Maybe it’s a Japanese thing (or Korean thing).  I’m actually very curious about this, because even one of my favorite manga – Rozen Maiden – is a story about how these dolls compete for the title of “Alice” – the perfect doll. (Anyone with information is welcome to post!)

In any case, I have acquired yet another Pullip Alice doll, this one the pink version of Pullip Alice du Jardin.

alicepink pinkalice2 pinkalice3 pinkalice4 pinkalice5 pinkalice6 pinkalice7 pinkalice8 pinkalice9 pinkalice10 pinkalice11

She resembles the “Mint” version of Alice du Jardin, which still reigns as the prettiest darn Pullip I’ve ever seen. This Alice doll comes with many of the same fun accessories, like a bow headband, stuffed animal, and these shoes with paper flowers.

Other fun facts:

  • This doll’s face was used on the ”Pray for Japan” sticker distributed during a post-earthquake fundraiser .
  • She was also featured on the poster of ”Doll Carnival Japan 2011”

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