Recap: PUDDLE Event in Chicago for Pullip Collectors

I never thought I’d be so excited to be in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. My mom and I – she, the owner of a chic Etsy shop that makes doll clothes (Shameless Plug – See: SetsieSilhouette), and me, a crazy doll-collecting addict with money, enjoyed a fun filled weekend at the Holiday Inn in the middle of nowhere with 70+ other doll crazies.

The day was a little long for me, and little short on vendors, but it was wonderful to be around so many enthusiastic and creative doll collectors. Here are a few of the pics I took. You can check out the official Flickr page here.

puddle puddle8 puddle9 puddle10 puddle11 puddle12 puddle13

My mom had a few items in the raffle as well:

puddle5 puddle6 yellow2


Overall we had a blast! Definitely looking forward to next year.



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