Pullip Dolls Victorique de Blois Doll

This dolly was a fluke buy on eBay from a doll collector who just hadn’t “bonded” with the doll. I’m learning all these terms! In any case, Pullip Victorique de Blois was a steal, and though I wasn’t crazy about that blonde mullet, the doll itself is gorgeous.

vic vic2 vic3 vic4 vic5

I didn’t know much about the manga, but Victorique is a character from Gosick, a Japanese novel series about a Japanese exchange student who meets a mysterious and brilliant girl who only leaves the library the sleep.

I decided to re-wig her with one of my super cool peach pink Leeke wigs, which I think made her even prettier! The green dress is a homemade creation by my mother, which she had me put up in her Etsy shop.

vic6 vic7 vic8 vic9 vic10 vic11 vic12 vic13


2 thoughts on “Pullip Dolls Victorique de Blois Doll

  1. You are so good at customizing! The wig you have chosen looks better than the stock wig. Victorique de Blois is in my wishlist, but I have so many pullips in my list I don’t know when I will get to her. I haven’t customized any of my pullips or byuls and I feel completely incapable of doing it, so before I buy a pullip I have to make sure she is perfect. I write down a list of pros and cons for the pullips I want and then I buy the one that scores more pros than cons and comes in a reasonable price. It must be great to be able to change eye colour or wig in a pullip, it gives you more options. I think you did a great job on Victorique, she looks even sweeter now.

    1. Thank you for saying so! I get a lot of requests to review the original doll so I wish I would have done that before I replaced the wig! I am just like you – I have a wish list of dolls that I study all the time to decide who gets to come home next. LOL. Price is definitely a factor, too. I noticed lately the newer dolls have higher prices which is too bad – they’re already so expensive! Changing eyes and hair just makes this hobby that much more fun.

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