Pullip Wilhemina Doll

Pullip Wilhemina was a no-brainer for me, and not just because Halloween is my favorite holiday.

That two-toned hair! That ghastly pale complexion! That S&M-ish corset number! She’s a wicked dream come true. I got her at PullipStyle.com and she was a little more money than other Pullips. But her stock is top-notch and the hat alone is a work of art.

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Here’s my YouTube review:


6 thoughts on “Pullip Wilhemina Doll

  1. I’ve decided not to buy Midnight Velvet, after all. Neither Wilhelmina. I’m a fusspot when it comes to pullips because they are quite expensive and I don’t customize anything. Midnight Velvet is pretty with her medieval outfit, but I did some research and she has many defects. I don’t like the glitter in her faceup, her dress is too low cut for my taste and her torso comes covered in plastic, which is a bad sign. I am not very keen on the colour of her eyes. Too dark when you consider that her hair is dark as well. As for her monster high boots… better not to say anything. All those spangles sown in her dress make it look a bit like a carnival costume. Wilhelmina is much better, but I don’t like her boots and her short skirt bothers me, because the rest of the dress is long. It hurts my notion of symmetry and I’m a bit neurotic. I’m considering Carmilla as a dark pullip, but I don’t know what her shoes look like, if she comes with bloomers and stockings, and if her hair is too frizzy. I will wait until a review comes out.
    If I don’t buy Carmilla I will wait until my Holy Grail pullip is released: pullip Mona Lisa. Have you seen the promo pictures? She is stunning. Her eyes are dark, but they have a white half-moon painted on them and this gives her character. The outfit is flawless and she doesn’t have eyebrows– just like the painting. My first pullip was girl with a pearl earring and she is still my favourite. Tiphona is the perfect doll, but girl with earring is more than a doll– she is the materialization of a painting. I feel sad she is not popular. Maybe Mona Lisa will never be released because girl with earring didn’t sell well. I’m afraid that my second Holy Grail will never be released as well. She is the peasant girl from John Millais’ painting. She looks like the peasant cinderella, but her eyes are blue and her outfit is much more beautiful. I feel like writing a message to groove to give them some suggestions. I’d like them to make the Shakespeare series (Juliet, Desdemona, Lady Macbeth, Miranda and Ophelia), the opera divas (Carmen, Lucia di Lammermoor, Tosca, Norma, la Traviata), the literature heroines (Madame Bovary, Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina, Catherine Earnshaw, Elizabeth Bennet), the Greek goddesses ( Aphrodite, Athena with helmet, shield, armour and spear, Artemis, Hera and Persefone) and Cleopatra with her fig basket and adder. They will of course ignore all my requests.

    1. I am a huge fan of mythology – it would be lovely to see a line of Pullips released inspired by the Goddesses! I understand about Wilhemina’s boots. She is a beautiful doll, and it does seem like the designers decided to cut some corners with her boots. I’ve been enchanted with Girl with the Pearl Earring so I’ve added her to my list! I have seen the promo photos for Mona Lisa. She’s stunning – do you think they could get the rights to produce her? She would be everyone’s grail doll!

  2. I think that Groove doesn’t even need to get the rights to produce Mona Lisa. I don’t know much about rights, but if a work of art is in the public domain it can be reproduced by anyone. Maybe what is holding them back is the fact that the first doll in the master series didn’t sell very well. I might be mistaken, though. Have you seen the Barbie Mona Lisa? She is pretty. I almost bought her two years ago, but her face didn’t look at all like the painting.
    Since you have been so nice posting so many detailed reviews of your dolls, I will tell you my opinion about Girl with Pearl Earring… let’s say I will make a written review for you.
    First the pros. Her price is very good. She must be one of the cheapest pullips at Amazon US. Her face is the sweetest I’ve so far seen on a pullip. I keep her by my side on my computer desk and from time to time I look at her. Her eyes are exactly like Milk Latte, it is the same eye chip. Her eyebrows are the best I’ve seen so far. They are not like doll’s eyebrows, they look like people’s eyebrows. The go from thick to thin and they are very detailed and long. Eyelids of a flash colour, like her face. And her mouth… sigh… Very unusual in a pullip. She is smiling and she shows her teeth. It is the sweetest smile in a pullip doll. The colour of her lips is gorgeous. Not too strong, not too pale. Cadmium red pale hue. Her face has a little blush, but just enough to show she is healthy. She has long eyelashes and the eyelashes painted on her face are plenty, but restrained and they are not black. Almost no eyeliner. Very natural. Her turbant is exactly like the painting and so are the earrings. The yellow part in her turbant is cushioned to give it extra body. Her stock is of very good quality. She wears a blouse and a long, puffed skirt that goes to her feet. I’ve had her for one year and so far no loose threads. I like her blouse, it goes below her elbows and it is a little puffy. Over her skirt she has an overskirt with a plait in the front. It feels like satin, but it must be synthetic. Very soft, though. She wears a long tulle petticoat with two layers under her skirt so her skirt is very puffy. White cotton tights and brown, short, high-heeled plastic boots, very serviceable. No nonsense about her boots.
    Now the cons. In her first promo pictures she came with a white shirt under her blouse. It was very pretty and there were ruffles in her sleeves. Groove decided to be cheap again and removed the shirt. I didn’t like it, I felt a little cheated. I bought her a white shirt and now she looks more like the first promo pictures. Her turbant is a problem. Once you get her out of the box, the turbant will be too loose on her head and it will have to be pulled back. It will cover her hair and it will cover half of her earrings. There was not way to keep it like her promo pictures, over her forehead. I even tried stitching it, but it didn’t work. Maybe you will have more luck than I. Now the biggest problem: her hair. It is of a very beautiful colour, between copper and auburn, unusual for a pullip, and it goes about her waist. No bald spots and you cannot see the netting, there is plenty of hair. However, it is very dry and very frizzy. The ends are uneven, as if she was in a desperate need of a haircut. She doesn’t look good with her hair down, she looks like an alien. It doesn’t bother me because I always keep her hair inside the turbant. If you intend to let her hair down, you might consider rewigging her.
    I hope my written review was useful to you. And if you decide to buy Carmilla, please post a review on youtube when you have the time.

    1. Wow this review just officially put her on my list. I’ve wondered about the quality of her wig and though it looks to be a gorgeous color, if Groove knows it will be hidden under her headpiece I thought they might cut corners. What you said about her face is what sold me. I choose dolls for their face first, everything else second. So thank you so much for sharing your opinion!!

  3. I too wish they would release the rest of the master series. After I saw your review on pullip Girl with a pearl earring, I was blown away by her face up, but I will be rewigging her in a wig of the same color. If you’ve ever seen the movie Girl With a Pearl Earring with Scarlet Johansson, you’d understand why. There’s a scene in the movie where they finally show her hair and it’s stunningly gorgeous. Beautiful natural red head with giant curls. How could they mess the wig up so bad? Still, I’m glad they made her, but she’s not the best out of the series, and I think it was a mistake on their part to start out with her. I think they would have done better to release the Pullip The Kiss first. Mona Lisa, Queen Elizabeth, there’s another one with fuzzy hair that’s beautiful, and I even like the Pullip Venus. The Pullip Venus however would need a lot of accessories to make up for being naked, and she needs some nipples. Ha!

  4. I completely agree with you. I had seen the pictures in passing, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine brought these to my attention that i realized how much care went into those creations. Like the paintings they resemble, those dolls are truly art!! It actually inspired me to create that Custom Pullip Ophelia. I would love to do a Juliet doll soon. 🙂 My Girl with a Pearl Earring has a sad band around her forehead where the headpiece covered. So sad! I would love to see a pic of your rewigged girl!

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