Pullip Make It Own Kits

With so many crazy doll people ripping apart and customizing perfectly good dolls, JPGroove decided to release kits called “Make It Own” which let folks customize dolls from scratch.

I bought two Make It Own kits from PullipStyle.com – a gray-toned one and a pale-toned one.

Scary stuff. What you get in the kit are basic parts that you paint, varnish, and finish yourself. Even the eyes! I was totally intimidated…

What I used:

  • Mr. Super Clear (the mack daddy of all finishers)
  • Pastels
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glitter Glue
  • Varnish
  • Super glue

mio7 mio6 mio4


There’s a lot of waiting involved because things need to dry, but it was a ton of fun! The gray doll isn’t quite done yet – she’s going to be a Version 2.0 of Pris from Blade Runner.

mio1 mio2 mio3 mio5

Not too shabby for the first time out the gate, right?

mio10 mio9 mio mio8

7 thoughts on “Pullip Make It Own Kits

  1. These are pretty cool. I managed to track down a Pullip MIO Kit since I’ve been watching a lot of you reviews lately (especially about customs), so I had a little question:

    What kind of glitter glue did you use? I’d love to try out glittery eye chips since those look so cute.

    1. I got glitter craft glue for those chips, but I might try loose glitter next time instead with some clear, water based glue. I’d love to see pics of your doll!

      1. Cool! I think I may have a glue that will work for it.

        And sure thing. Once I get the supplies in and do my thing, I’ll post up pics somewhere. I’m hoping it’ll turn out nice since I’ve never done a doll faceup before (Pullips seem like a good place to start, though, because of the size of their heads).

        Found a super cute dress someone made on etsy (gold and navy blue with beading and lace) and I’m going to design the eye makeup on that. I’m going to try sneaking a little gold glitter into the eye chips to go with it.

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