Pullip Milk Latte Doll by Groove

I have been on the fence about this doll for awhile, and decided to bite the bullet despite her 80s hair band wig. Was it as bad as I thought? Oh yeah.

But the good news is that the doll itself is gorgeous. Those blue eyes are so dreamy, and her dress is really very beautiful.

milk1 milk2 milk3 milk4 milk5 milk6 milk7 milk8 milk9


Here she is with her new wig (AKA Sassy McFrassy)


19 thoughts on “Pullip Milk Latte Doll by Groove

    1. I have not started collecting them but they look lovely in the photos! I am also drawn to Momoko dolls…limited funds!! If I get either of these dolls I’d definitely review them. 🙂

  1. I love the new wig and her face is lovely. I just purchased my first pullip and I would like to add Milk Latte to my collection in a little while.

      1. I thought it was going to be Milk Latte. However my first one is Tiphona(I re-named her Avalon. I saw your review on her and I was captivated. I just got her this past Wednesday. Your reviews are very helpful. Thank you for doing them.

    1. That’s a great plan! And they’re beautiful!! If you have recommendations for one that might be a choice first choice for me please feel free to share!

  2. No we didn’t chat about it. I came across your videos on you tube last month and began watching them. At the time I hadn’t subscribed but now I have.

    1. Well I’m glad you’re here! I just recall having a very similar conversation with someone who was deciding on those two exact dolls!

      1. 8-9 inch wigs fit best on Pullip Dolls. I’m a big Leekeworld wig fan – great quality – but they’re pretty pricey to order from the website. Check out Denver Doll Emporium for some good choices. I’ve also gotten great wigs on ebay from Tita-Doremi. 🙂

  3. I have bought her on a sale on amazon uk and I was not sure if it was a good idea, but as soon as she came I was in love with her Victorian outfit and her eyes. I have four pullips, four byuls and one dal and so far Milk Latte is my second best. I simply love watching your reviews on youtube and you convinced me to get Tiphona– my favourite so far. Now I’m thinking about getting a witch. I have Banshee and I am very pleased with her, but she is a happy witch. This time I am planning to get a more scary pullip. So I think I will get Wilhelmina next (your review was really helpful), or Midnight Velvet. By the way, do you have Midnight Velvet?

    1. Thank you for watching and I’m glad that my videos have been helpful! The minute I got Tiphona out of the box I fell in love with her! I just got Banshee and I agree with you, she’s a happy witch. I don’t have Midnight Velvet yet and I’m a little nervous because all I hear is that her stock is terrible quality. But her face looks so pretty, right? Wilhemina is definitely a dark witch and worth the extra money. The details in her faceup, the greenish gray color of her skin and her stock make her incredibly unique. I recommend her for sure as a different doll for your collection. If you end up getting Midnight Velvet though I’d love to get your opinion of her.

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