Angel Gate Doll Custom Project

I’m on eBay like a madwoman, and I kept seeing these doll heads called Angel Gate (and some custom dolls too) that pop up in my search for Pullip dolls. What are Angel Gate dolls, you ask?

From what I can tell, the head molds are the same as Pullips, but they’re essentially knock offs. They’re beautiful – the custom ones I’ve seen – but something always seems a little off about them. Like their eyes are floating up to the ceiling or something.

Well I bought an Angel Gate head to practice my face up skills before tackling a Make it Own, and I was shocked to find that the doll head doesn’t come with an eye mechanism. In fact, the head doesn’t even have holes for an eye mechanism. What the…
















The color of the skin doesn’t seem to match any of the Pullip dolls either. The closest seems to be a “Natural” color, but it definitely has a yellowish tint.

Well…being the adventurer that I am, I took a stab at face-up. Sealed the face with MSC (Though I hear you don’t need to), and also sealed the eyelids.

Used pastels and colored pencils for the face, and a little varnish on the lips. Sprayed one last time to seal the color. (Don’t judge my eyebrows. I know I have to get better!)



So far so good, right? I put the doll back together to get a first look, added a wig and an outfit…



But what to do about those eyes, right? I could drill holes in her head to make the eye mechanism fit, but that seemed pretty high maintenance. I researched online for how to add acrylic eyes to a doll like this and they suggested eye putty….or clear silicone ear plugs from the drugstore. (WHO’S CRAFTY NOW, I ASK YOU?)

I tracked down ear plugs and gave it a go, molding the 22mm eyes into the dolls head. This presented a couple of issue:

  • Her gorgeous eyelids were stuck open
  • Getting those eyes to look in the same direction was a pain

The end result…well, she had eyes but she was so ghoulish looking that it freaked me out a little.



YIKES. Close your eyes already! I ended up shutting her eyelids and changing her wig and outfit. For now she’ll be quietly reflecting with her eyes closed, until I can figure out how to do a better job on her eyes.

ag6 ag7


To be continued…




5 thoughts on “Angel Gate Doll Custom Project

  1. Wow what an adventure. I know many in the bjd hobby use eye putty and getting them to face correctly is a challenge. I really like the way she looks in the green dress, hat and wig. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Yikes, maybe I have the wrong sized eyes…but I am struggling here. Guess I need to watch a few more youtube tutorials!

  2. I think with practice you will get it. I checked a book I have and it said “the trick to good eye placement is to align the pupils of the eyes, and match the white space equally on both sides of the eyes.” Maybe trying a different sizes will help.

  3. Might be a little late (oops), but I do have an Angel Gate and I put her eyes like a bjd: I removed the eyelids, glued the lashes to the “top” and used eye putty for her eyes. I believe the size of these eyes is 20mm and they are in glass. You can find a lot of beautiful glass eyes very cheap on ebay.
    I think watching a tutorial for a bjd instead of a pullip might help, because their head is empty too.

    1. Thanks for the info!! I do think I had eyes that were too large. Not sure I’d try again, though. I did buy a pre-made Angelgate that is adorable!

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