Introducing Customized Pullip Mia – Giveaway!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am not naturally a crafty person. But my love of Pullip dolls and this totally fun art of customizing them has made me venture into more than my fair share of Michael’s and Joann’s fabrics. I’m even considering sewing classes. (Right now my seamstress mom is laughing at me somewhere.)

I’m also a frugal gal, so I wondered just how cheaply I could customize a doll without sacrificing quality or beauty. Presenting…. Pullip Mia, my customized Pullip Peter Pan Doll!



I tried to use as much of her original stock as I could, plus lots of donated or freebies (her eyes are KiraKiraMeansSparkle chips that were donated to a gift bag for PUDDLE, her skirt and undies were made my SetsieSilhouette, my mom’s Etsy shop).

Her wig was ordered from Pullipstyle for $22. The doll itself cost $45 on Amazon (she was on sale with free shipping!).  So in total, Mia cost around $65 (after shipping).

I think she’s adorable, and I also think she’s a perfect choice for a Doll Giveaway!! 

You’ll need to check my YouTube page to enter, but the “rules” are super easy. Just subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment. Second prize is a Daiso Japan gift bag plus extras.

Here are some before and after pics of Mia!

mia6 mia7

mia4 mia5 mia8

mia1 mia2

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