Creator’s Label Pullip Seila by Groove

If Wednesday Addams had a best friend, she would be Seila. This doll is so lovely, so sad, and so dark that I overlooked her for some time before I curiously looked up pictures of her online.

In person she is a dream. The quality of her stock in incomparable. Her two-toned eyes and sad eyebrows give her so much depth that your heart almost breaks when you see her. She comes with so many peculiar items – a birdcage, a book, a key, and a little monster friend – that you imagine the designers had come up with such a wonderful story for her. Can’t recommend this doll enough to collectors.

seila seila2 seila3 seila4 seila5 seila6 seila7 sela6

4 thoughts on “Creator’s Label Pullip Seila by Groove

  1. She really is a beautiful doll and I love her face. Thanks for sharing I don’t recall seeing her. I have a couple ideas of which pullip to get next but I may add her to the list.

  2. What a lovely doll! Her dress is of excellent quality and I love her shoes. I’m surprised by the amount of extras she comes with. I don’t see any “Groove cheapness” in her. Although she is quite gothic, her face is so sweet… I’ve just added her to my list. I saw your youtube review and it seems to me that her wig is not bad. Does it get frizzy as time goes by? The only problem I can see with her so far is the price. Talking about pricey dolls, do you fancy Pullip Antoinette, the one from the anime? I think the name of the anime is The Rose of Versailles. Her dress is very rich and I like her face, but she is the most expensive doll at pullipstyle, I think.

    1. So far her wig has not gotten too frizzy. But anytime I have to fidget with that hair piece it takes a toll on her scalp. I go back and forth on Marie Antoinette. The doll’s stock looks gorgeous! But I’m not sure I’m wowed by her face. And you’re right about the price. Yikes that’s high! But I think Super Stella is just as expensive and I can’t bring myself to buy that gorgeous doll because her stock looks so lazy. 🙂

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