I See London, I See France…and Pullip Dolls

My brother and I recently went to London (and Paris) for a whirlwind 5-day visit. Why, you ask? Because my brother is a music nut in the same way that I’m a toy nut. He lives in New York City and has seen over 1,000 concerts in his lifetime. (This crazy collecting gene runs deep in our family).

Our intention was to see Kate Bush, a singer from the late 70’s, 80s and uh…beyond who has only toured once – and that was 35 years ago. Kate is a fairy of a woman with a strange, beautiful voice and the face of a doll.  She’s also something of a prized unicorn in the UK. Seeing her meant fighting the entire British population at 2:00AM online for tickets.

Well, the music gods were on our side (as were our credit cards), and off we went.

Sept.28.2014 601Did we see all the typical London sites? Oh sure. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square? Check, check check.

Sept.28.2014 637 Sept.28.2014 659 Sept.28.2014 673 Sept.28.2014 694 Sept.28.2014 709

But our itinerary was unique in that my brother wanted to see concerts and go to record stores. All I wanted to see were toy shops. We both appreciate the other’s fanaticism, so we made great travel buddies.

Sept.28.2014 623 Sept.28.2014 627 Sept.28.2014 629 Sept.28.2014 634 Sept.28.2014 636 Sept.28.2014 665In Paris we spent 24 hours…and it was the most memorable time spent. I’ve posted a video on this, but I was able to visit the Jolie Doll Pullip Boutique in Paris. It did not disappoint.

Sept.28.2014 728 Sept.28.2014 729 Sept.28.2014 730 Sept.28.2014 731 Sept.28.2014 732 Sept.28.2014 733 Sept.28.2014 734 Sept.28.2014 735 Sept.28.2014 736 Sept.28.2014 737 Sept.28.2014 738As for the Kate Bush show, it was…epic. Yeah, yeah, that word is WAY overused but seriously, people. I cried. She played Cloudbusting as an encore and every single person sang along. Brits are crazy about their Kate. It was a great time. (Cool review of her show here.)

My brother now talks about going to Brussels, Amsterdam, and on the other side of the spectrum, Cape Town. He’s got the travel bug now. I wonder if there are any Pullip shops in Africa? Hmmm…

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