Pullip Io by Groove

Is it “ee-yo” or “I-o?” I’m not sure, but Pullip Io is pretty unique. Fashioned to look like a peacock (complete with real feathers) she’s quite lovely if not a little over the top.

I heard there was a lot of hubbub about this doll, because her first stock pictures from Groove featured a super ornate, gorgeous peacock doll with gray silver eyes and false lashes. The mass-produced version was scaled down, and those details people had been so excited about were missing.



Nevertheless, she’s still a magical doll. I can’t say I’m a fan of all of those pieces on her outfit, but they definitely work together. And her stockings and shoes are just to die for!

io1 io2 io3 io4 io5 io6 io7 io9

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