Pullip Vanessa by Groove

I feel like Pullip Vanessa was a bit overlooked last year, if only for her price and her minimalist look. That’s too bad, because unlike all the collaboration dolls Groove put out, Vanessa was an original.

Sept.28.2014 510

I do love a good over-the-top Pullip, but there’s something about Vanessa that is no-nonsense, from her tight ringlets down to her pointy black pumps. Her face-up is fantastic, too. Between those pointed full brows and the glitter makeup, she looks like a fashion model with attitude. I think her giant black (no-doubt designer) bag is also a great piece. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was her “woolly mammoth” shawl. Why cover up such a lovely doll?



Sept.28.2014 512 Sept.28.2014 513 Sept.28.2014 514 Sept.28.2014 515 Sept.28.2014 516

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