Pullip Kore – The Goddess

Pullip Kore has seen a slow-burn over the past year in interest. I recall when she came out people were saying how much she looked like Pullip Blanche, or that she was pretty but a little “ho-hum.”

Sept.28.2014 517 I was a little anxious about that yellow wig, but it was her eyes that drew me in. The chips seemed to be made a little differently from other Pullip dolls, and even though the long nightgown look wasn’t my favorite, I was taken by her mythical goddess theme.


Sept.28.2014 519 Sept.28.2014 520 Sept.28.2014 521 Sept.28.2014 522 Sept.28.2014 523 Sept.28.2014 524 Sept.28.2014 525 Sept.28.2014 526

4 thoughts on “Pullip Kore – The Goddess

  1. Although her face may be simple there is a beauty to her. Her eye chips are very pretty and I agree different. She’s a great addition to your collect. Since you have been collecting for awhile do you find if a pullip is simple or looks similiar to another one they tend to get overlooked?

    1. Definitely and i am a terrible offender. These are not exactly “affordable” dolls and I feel like Groove makes you choose, you know? How many Alice dolls does one need? (Answer – all of them). Haha. But yes I feel like even when I google one – Nella, for instance, I get distracted by Nella Retro. I am not sure why they do this.

  2. I believe Groove knows exactly what they are doing. We love collecting and they know it lol. I think there are some real treasures to be found in the one’s that are overlooked. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another doll I overlooked. Her face is so expressive! Her eyebrows make her look like a picture of innocence. And those blue eyes… sigh… so deep. I’ll remedy this– I’ve just added her to my list. Thank you for sharing the photos and for writing about her. I wonder which goddess she is… maybe Demeter?

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